What is Spilled Milk?

During a conversation with my grandmother where I was complaining about a boy, she messaged me this:

Hence, the title of this newsletter.

Stemming from the desire to cultivate a writing practice in the middle of the pandemic, Spilled Milk explores our obsessions and the feelings they bring up, in an effort to lessen the shame surrounding certain topics. This will come out in the form of essays as well as interviews and conversations with friends. You can also think of them as love letters from me to you.

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A little about me

My goal is simple: to tell stories that matter. I’ve done this through writing and editing for publications, communication strategy, and public relations. If you’re curious to see more of my work, you may view a selection of my published writing here. You can also reach me by sending an email to marellaricketts@gmail.com or by saying hello on Instagram or LinkedIn. 💌

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Exploring our obsessions through essays and conversations with friends


Marella Ricketts

Writer and communications professional from Manila living in Paris